I got caught

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Well i celebrated my birthday with my church family. My aunt has been so busy with work that she never really had a chance to plan cake and ice cream. So our friend Nick from chuch told his wife who I have become super best friends with insisted that we have the party at their house,which was super sweet! She invited families of everyone I considered to be family. I was sooo happy,she made the cake from scratch with fall decorations on it.

Anyway enough about my 19th birthday. I got caught kissing my gf in the car by her aunt! I was dropping her off from homecoming Saturday night and gave her a kiss in the car,turned out that her aunt had walked outside when she saw my car pull up. Jesse thought it was the funniest thing,since after all her aunt is also a lesbian,but I was horrified! After Jesse went inside her aunt said that she expected to see me at dinner tonight. How could I be so CARELESS!