I got in trouble and I didn't even hit anyone

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Okay well Sarah's mom found out about the fight friday morning while at work,her assistant said her daughter told her,great! Sarah's mom called me immediately and asked me if I knew about it,of course I told her the truth (not about her fighting with my gf, just how she and some girl got into it) Sarah's mom was mad and told me to be the one to pick Sarah up from school and bring her straight home so we could talk.

Well later on in the day I headed up to the high school to see Sarah at lunch...and of course I ended up seeing my gf also. I found out the entire school was buzzing about their fight and expected another but more public brawl. Everything seemed cool until the last couple minutes of lunch when Sarah and my gf Jesse crossed paths. They both had a weird look in their eyes,and then Jesse jumped out of her seat and got in Sarah's face. I jumped up and got between them since no one else did. Thankfully the bell rang and everyone pilled out the doors to the hallway,I stood by Jesse's side until Sarah was out of sight, then I walked her out.

I thought everything would be good then of course I was wrong, Sarah was waiting by Jesse's locker....question who the hell does that waits by their enemies locker,anyway I told Sarah to leave which she did,and I walked Jesse to her next class,which I found out that Sarah and Jesse had together what luck huh! I asked Jesse not to do anything but of course she did. While sitting in their seats before the bell Sarah yelled,"Jesse is a slut and wouldn't know commitment if it bit her in the ass and that she needs to learn to keep her legs closed so she doesn't have to move away again!" (that was a low blow even for Sarah) and as to be expected Jesse had to say something back I'm not really sure what she said, it goes along the lines of "Your a stupid bitch who can't get a date,so you date my ex's" something along those lines Jesse pretty much implied that Sarah was gay publicly since all of Jesse's ex's are girls. I was walking out the door,when I hear a desk move then screaming...teachers come running in the door,I look back into the room and Sarah and Jesse are pounding on each others faces.

All I can say is that Sarah and Jesse both got suspended,I got a talking to from the principal,Sarah's mom,and Jesse's aunt that I should have done more to prevent them from fighting. So all in all I got in the most trouble and I wasn't even fighting!