I know it seems a little sudden, but I think I'm in love...

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...with a pen!! :D

I am in love with this pen my friend has. It has such a thin point and is really great at detail while sketching. (I sketch sometimes.) And SHE LET ME HAVE IT!! She told me to take it, and I said no, she should keep it, but she insisted. Now I wonder what the heck I was thinking when I said no. Was I insane?? This pen is sooooooo lovely. :D

Oh, and there's this guy who sits next to me in language arts who plays guitar, and he showed me how to play the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. I looooooove that song. He wrote down the notes for me randomly, without me asking! Now I need to practice that song.

Wow, people seem to be randomly doing me favors today. I like. :D

And I'm drawing a weird little comic for me and my friends H and C. It's mostly got inside jokes and references to our little quirks and stuff. We three are the main I'm drawing it manga-style, so that's fun. ^_^ Well, actually, I'm drawing our heads manga-style. Our bodies are stick figures. Doesn't that just sound AWESOME? :p

Yaaaah...I'm feeling pretty good. Well, except my sister is being stupid and hormonal, but she's always stupid and hormonal, so that's nothing new. -_____-

And I can't find my USB cable for my mp3 player. And I really need to find it, because otherwise I can't send Gaynow/Maianess a guitar part I wrote for a song. And I'm tired. (TGIF, baby! Yay for sleeping in!) And...yeah.

But I'm feeling pretty good. Really. X_X

And today when my grade had a free period outside, I talked with this friend of mine who I don't see that much because we don't have any classes together, but who is completely awesome. ^.^ She is completely awesome. And she's pretty. And she's funny and confident and slightly crazy. Today during the free period, she lied down in the grass, and when she got up there was this vine/extremely long strand of grass/whatevertheheckitwas-thing stuck in her hair. This slightly unhinged girl who she hangs out with told her she had a vine in her hair and pulled it out, and she said, "I know. It's my special vine. See?" And she took back the vine and put it back on her head and started walking like it was some kind of crown. She had this adorable smile on her face. SHE IS SO CUTE! :D I realized today: she is, like, my perfect crush. She has all of the qualities I like in a girl: confidence, kindness, intelligence, zanyness, pretty-ness, and she's a good friend. OMG SO CUTE!!!111! (Yeah, those ones were intentional. Why?)

She and I are cousins, only not really. See, there's this really, really gross ritual that people used to do. They'd each slice open their arm or some other part of their bodies so that they bled, then they'd press the bleeding body parts together and say, "We are now officially family, because our blood has been combined," or something like that. Well, we did something like that, only all we did was draw a line on each of our arms with a red magic marker, and we pressed our arms together. Now we are officially cousins. :D I know it doesn't really make sense, but it's funny. To us, at least.

She is so cute. :D

Ummmmm...I think I'm done rambling on now. Bye-bye.

(Ramble on/Sing my song... [If you can guess what songs those lyrics came from without cheating, I will officially consider you awesome. Those lyrics are from a song by one of the BEST BANDS EVER.])


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Be it Zeppelin?

" Ramble On" off Led Zeppelin II? Is my awesomeness verified?

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Your awesomeness is very much verified. Congratulations! :D

Yay, Zeppelin!

"Women in rubber will ALWAYS be flirting with me!" --Maureen in the musical RENT

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I gots me a sash!

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I am more than happy for

I am more than happy for you. I can almost remember you as far back as before I knew that you even liked girls like that. Weird, huh? It's been years since we met (months since we've chatted about anything :( ) oh, oh well. I'm just glad that you are so happy...or from what I can tell. I'll heart you forever, know that.

I enjoy your journal entries. It’s like you’re adorably innocent, but extremely mature all rolled into one! It’s nice to read. Really. :)

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Did he write down the notes

Did he write down the notes with THE PEN??

I LOVE that cousin thing. I'm doing it with my friends tonight.