I wish with all my heart...

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i wish with all my heart i could just say "i'm a lesbian, deal with it!" but i cant.. and its killing me for not being happy with who i am

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find someone

find someone you can talk to, like a close friend, and if none of your friends will accept you then find better friends

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I think it just takes time

I think it just takes time to deal with.I don't think there is a magic cure for how you are feeling.As the above comment says you should find someone to talk to that you trust.Starting off telling someone who is ok with it and who you can talk to will help so much to build up your confidence in yourself.Goodluck =]

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It better explains why you're adding the aggressive "deal with it," to your coming out salvo, seeing as you are its intended recipient.

Although, it sounds like you're one level out from actually dealing with it. You're asking why you can't accept it, which is you interacting with your frustration (pointless). Instead, what about being a lesbian makes you unhappy? Go there, that's where the problem is. If you just keep circling around one on the happiness thing without exploring the causes, you'll be circling for quite a while.


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