Iiii DID IT!!!!

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Apathy, as I think I've previously commented, happens when people wait for somebody else to save them.

Well, today, somebody else saved me. Actually, two somebody elses: two, nosy, girl somebody elses. Remember that girl that was crushing on me? Yeah. That one.
They were asking about her. As in: if I liked her, in what way, and if I'd ever *twitch* consider dating her. Hypothetically, of course.

I hypothetically said no. Hypothetically, they told me, this would reach crusher-girls ears.
It reached them with fury.
"Excuse me", she would say to me, in less than ten minutes ", can we talk?"
And her voice was actually shaking. And I felt like a heartless Grinch. She apparently liked me more than I thought.

But I'd been meaning to tell her for quite some time; it was starting to get me really, really worried. Worried then, too. So I led her off to an empty room, and talked.

"Yeah." (shaking voice, teary eyes, eep!)

I told her how I felt awful about giving her a false lead all this time; and that, however clichéd it sounded, it wasn't her, but me. Because I'm kind of...gay.

And she looked down at the floor.

Like actually gay, and I'm really sorry, it must feel awful; and....

"Okay", "Yeah", she kind of threw back her head. And I could really tell she wanted to be alone, so we walked out of the room and I let her leave.

And later she asked if we were still friends. Because we were actually friends in the first place.
And because I was on a roll, I came out to two others on MSN.
*Pumps Fist*


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woot! good job! (the coming


good job! (the coming out part i mean.)

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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Yay! congrats!

Yay! congrats!

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Shame on the Fist Pumping

Everyone knoooooooooows fist pumping is a STRAIGHT stereotype! Stop it before that girl with round parts comes back seeking more! Way to go on coming out though, just consider how absolutely sure you are about coming out to most of your school, since online coming-outs of the *multiple* kind sound a bit likely to inspire chatting about it... which leads to more people hearing about it... which leads to hearsay/gossip/you being questioned as gay OR you being clearly identified as gay.

So in some ways, it could be a mega score in coming out to dozens of people without needing to do it personally! Or it might not happen that way at all, but actually looking back on it, I would have advised you to go out with this girl and kiss her on the lips for the first/last girl-lip-smacking for years to come, if not forever!

Anyway, I'm glad you shattered her heart, you never really know who has lice these days.

You're Amazing.

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let's hear it for the boy!
*woo-hoo* ; )