In the Interests of Balance...

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Sorry for whatever chaos this may bring, but...
To the guys browsing as guests:



Erm, I mean that there are a whooole lot more girls than boys.

I mean, excuse me for being a patriarchal-minded pig, but I'm beginning to feel a tad outnumbered, and it'd be nice to hear about some more people's stories from the "G" end of our acronym-spectrum.

No obligation, *puppy-dog eyes*, but any of you male guests; care to join?


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*blinks slowly* *rolls up

*blinks slowly*

*rolls up sleeves*

all right now.....

lol, i'm playing. and yes, i suppose you are a bit outnumbered aren't you darling?

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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I completely agree. Why do

I completely agree. Why do the clearly superior men need to include women and their silly "emotions", and "tampons", and talk of how great The Notebook is ? I would write more on the topic, but Susan B. Anthony the rest of the suffragettes just broke into my house with torches and pitchforks.

(Before all the females reading kill me, I was just kiddin', insert smiley face here.)

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i agree, emotions and tampons are very very silly. however, i go thru both of them... quite a lot.
p.s. i HATE the notebook!
p.p.s. pitchforks rule!

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It's alright darling, you do

It's alright darling, you do outnumber us in the big wide world.

Maybe the journals just don't appeal as much to boys- or having people read their journals doesn't appeal as much. It is very carey-sharey here.
Where are the Gaydrian Moles? Ha.. see what I did there? Adrian Mole... has a diary... gay. I am the funniest person ever... no?

Anyway this Kaj fellow, why doesn't he start a journal? His profile says he's been here 7 weeks and no journal.

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i do believe u are right!

boys aren't as into "sharing" or "expressing" their feelings as us ladies are...
shame! i like reading boys' journals! this boy at my workplace used to journal on break and i always felt the urge to steal the journal from his locker and crack it open. but i never did... cuz i could have got caught... oh and, of course i, um, respect his privacy...
i read adrian mole when i was like, 11... it was cool.

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Oh but public journaling is

Oh but public journaling is like having a great big sign over your head saying "read my secrets", of course you wouldn't actually because it's very, very bad... but it leads you right into temptation.

I think boys do actually like to 'share'- but it has to be dressed up as opinion not emotion. Boys love sharing their opinions, it's just there's still taboo about having emotions if you're a boy. What they say has to be fact, and so if it's an emotion their emotion is dressed up as the only possible way anyone in their right mind could possibly feel. Teenage boys are the most vulnerable creatures in the world- which is why when they get trampled on it can all go so wrong. I think if more of them had anonymous journals a lot of them would feel much better.

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I don't mean to meddle, but

I don't mean to meddle, but I do noticed that girls vastly outnumbered us guys in this website. Perhaps because journals invite more 'emotions' and 'tampons' than anything else, ergo, more girls end here. ANYWAYS, I love it to be able to read the girl's journals, as long as they don't keep them in stupid fluffy little pink notebooks, it's awesome that they outnumber us. Go girls! If it wasn't for you, there would be no gay guys left in this world.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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Well first off

My history says I've been on here for 7 weeks when in fact, for the first however many I couldn't get on. (I'm very dumb when it comes to computers). Secondly, I want to grip people with my dazzling rhetoric and exciting anecdotes in my journals...but I don't have any exciting anecdotes(sad face).

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I write about actually

I write about actually nothing most of the time. My last journal was about signing on and what colour wallpaper I have in my room. Riveting.

But then when I finally do have an annecdote that's not about what I had for breakfast or walking the dog then everyone will be especially dazzled.

I vote you write a journal.