Intorducing The Queer Love Project

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Hi All,

I just started The Queer Love Project ( I was hoping you would be able to take a look and give this new idea some needed publicity if you like the idea. Here is some information on the project:

There is nothing more intimate or soul exposing than a love letter. For many, the written word is the best way to express their true feelings. It is the way by which we open ourselves up to the one person in the world we care the most about. It seems that the "love letter" is a dying breed by postal mail standards. Modern technology has given us email, cell phones, and the like that have gladly replaced the need for pen to paper. This blog is not taking a stand towards the downfall of technology. It is working to bring the love letter back through it!

Queer Love was created to share love letters, written by queer people, with the world. It's mission is to share the love and show others just how "undifferent" our love, as gay individuals, truly is. Did he leave you a note before he left for work? Did she hide a love poem under your pillow? If you're comfortable with the idea we would love for you to share these special words with the world.

We ask that you send your contributions and or questions to:

You can include your name in the email or remain anonymous. Feel free to send a letter you have written, one you've received, or perhaps an example of one you would like to be given. You can supply a back story with the letter, or simply the letter alone will suffice. Anything written down, with love as the intent, is a love letter. Be it a quick note, an IM, a poem, or even the lyrics to a song. If love was involved, given or received, we would love to share it for you. We would also love to see a few scanned copies of actual letters written on paper grace our email box!

Thank you for your time,

Queer Love Project Lead

"Love is love."

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omg thats so cute! sadly i dont have any love letters just yet...but i'm working on it XD

**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**