It's Back

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I think it's safe to say that I'm depressed again. I had a whole week of happy though so I guess I'm lucky. I have everthing that I wanted, good grades, a bf, but now it doesn't even feel important. I miss H. It's been two years since I'veeven seen her and I'm still pining after this girl who never even liked me like that. And I'm with D now so I'm pathetic and a tease. This realy isn't worth poasting but fuck it. I don't know any of you anyway so what do I care if you think Im melodramatic and childish. I wouldn't even be able to disagree with you.


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Go have some chocolate and

Go have some chocolate and watch some TV! Or run around outside and see if you can spot any racoons!

You're Amazing.

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self-pitying is like a drug- it's unhealthy and addictive. STOP! if you have had on-going feelings of depression, or feeling like everything in your life is meaningless, or you're really confused, or you just need someone to talk to... find a counsellor/therapist, swallow your pride, and book an appointment (if you haven't already done so)!
as someone who is currently in counselling, i highly recommend it. sure, it's awkward and uncomfy sometimes... but if your problems are making you miserable, sometimes journalling/talking to family&friends just isn't enough... professional people have special ways of helping you deal with problems and get yourself back on track. take care honey.