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Ok so i haven't updated in like a week well 8 days and i feel horrible.. i also haven't been reading many journal entrys... I"M SORRY!!!
I honestly do feel bad about not being around alot lately. School takes up alot of time. Then i have school band, adult band, music lessons, babysitting.
On tuesday i had an interview... it was with Chapters. It's like my dream job to work because I LOVE LOVE LOVe LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE books. When i went into the interview i didn't realize it was just for seasonal but either way i don't care i just really want to work there because seasonal leads to part-time alot! So i made it to the second round of interviews (there were only two rounds) where i was interviewed by the manager. It went ok. I don't have any experience because all i've done is babysat and i just turned 16. It was my first interview but i thought it went pretty good. Although i was almost positive that i didn't get the job. And geuss what! I was right! I didn't get the job. They sent me a rejection letter yesterday. I was SOOOOOO upset. I went upstairs put on Full House season 7, a pair of boxers, a sweatshirt and got ice cream. Then i ripped up the rejection letter.
Today however i went in and applied at The Children's Place- it's a childs clothing store. And i got called like when i got home so it was pretty cool. My interview is next friday. This job is for seasonal work and it's a group interview so it'll be alot different then before. I'm not as excited but i'm really hoping i get it although the only thing is that i'm gunna need like one weeked off for my family's christmas... it's a couple hours away so it's normally a two day thing.. so i'm really hoping if i get it'll I'll be able to still attend. I LOVE family christmas... it's my favourite time ever!
I'm tired so that's all for now.. Anyone wanna quiz me on questions for interviews???? lol i want all the preperation i can get.. or give me tips on group interviews or something!?!?!
Love ya'll


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Don't be sorry, have loads of fun so you can write loads of happy things when you're done! Adult band? Hmm, that sounds kinky in at least one regard...
You're lucky to have even gotten to the second round of interviews with them! Everyone I know who has ever applied there has gotten rejected (Indigo and Coles too) and blames it on them hiring only college/university-level people. I can see the sense in that, not just in terms of work experience, but someone in university or older may have read a lot more, or know a lot about a more diverse topic and appeal to customers that way.

Virtually all of the positions you could have in a bookstore chain like that are also "easy" and the people who work there get further discounts on books and can get away very easily with just reading them on site, or buying+returning over and over if they work cash or know someone who does.

In a group interview, if someone else is asked a question, I would give a quizzical eyebrow arch to their response to make it seem really stupid/obscure and worsen their chances of landing the job. Or not, since the interviewer might think you're mean. But then again, they might be intimidated by your bully-like eyebrow maneuver and bow to it and give you the job, or want a mean hard worker!

Consider: What can you bring to our company?
What would you do if a customer tried to return underwear?
What would you do if you saw someone trying to steal?
What would you tell a customer if they asked you about a clothing item that you found unattractive?
What would you do if a customer damaged a clothing item in-store?

Good luck!

You're Amazing.

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the children's place...

is a very nice store... i bought an adorable shirt there last year (it's pretty tight. and short. actually, i only wear it to bed... that is, when i actually wear something to bed).
anyhoo, good luck with your job interview! i've never been to a group interview so i can't really help ya there. in terms of general interview questions, they could throw any random thing at you, so just be open for anything. make them know exactly how/why you will be an asset to their company. good luck honey! : )