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I apologize now for ranting but a girls gonna rant to somewhere.

Friday a friend of mine told me she was getting married..great news I know,but I'm alittle confused. I know no one really knows if their gay/straight/bi, but for pete sakes you should have somewhat of a clue after bouncing back and forth over a three year span. My friend lets call her F, said she was bi in 8th grade,then a lesbian in 9th,then she said she was "stonecold" lesbian in 10th but later said she's really bi,then went back to being a lesbian and before the year was up she said she was bi and dating a guy. And now after like four months she said she's straight and is getting married to this guy! Holly crap,so now eversince last year I've called her "It" because is more confused than me.

Anyway Monday afternoon I was looking after my aunt J's 15year old daughter while she was at the doctors,and I had the pleasure of listening to her gossip on the phone for an hour! She acted like she couldn't go to her room and talk on the phone,NOOOOOOO she had to sit next to me on the couch talking and shrieking. Between the "Oh My Gods" and the "Me Toos" I missed the entire Guide to Newport Beach marathon! I took aunt J's daughters cell phone away and hide it,so I could watch Crossing Jordan and Ellen Degeneres in peace, that was a wonderful 3 1/2hours.

Monday I had dinner with my gf and her aunt at their house.To make a good impression I showed up at 5:30 and helped set the table. I sat next to jesse while her aunt sat across from us. Her aunt stared me down the entire night. She drilled me with tons of questions, like how old are,are you in school,are you a republican,do you have a police record,what were your grades in high school,blah blah blah and so on. I helped clear the table and do dishes. Then we all sat down and watch prison break. Jesse decided it would be a good time to go to the bathroom,which left me alone with her aunt. (Oh at that exact moment I thought her aunt was gonna kick me out)! But instead her aunt asked me if I was "in the closet" and of course I said yes! Her aunt told me that were cool as long as I am up front with her and follow her rules......sigh of relief!


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If you think your friend is truly happy, then however she labels her sexuality is irrelevant.


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