Just /what/?!

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Okay, people. So correct me if I'm wrong:

If you are with a person who you consider "just friends", you don't kiss them. Right?

"Just friends" means you don't flirt. Right?

"Just friends" means no "I love you" in a romantic way. Even if you ARE drunk...Right?

If you are with a person who is "just friends", you don't sleep over at their house and take up their personal space while you fall asleep. (By this I mean any form of snuggling/cuddling/using-them-as-a-personal-heater.) Right?

If you are "just friends", you don't leave the impression that there could be something more. right.

Just thought I'd check. See what y'all thought. Moving on now.


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Well sure. Unless you're

Well sure. Unless you're such super friends that it doesn't count. Or you're feeling bad about yourself so want to flirt with someone in a risk-free context.

Actually in isolation none of those are indications that you're not 'just friends'. All of them together in quick succession and I'd imagine you're instincts are dead on.

I doubt you're being theoretical though, so who is this probably-not-just-a-friend?

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Well, just because YOU

Well, just because YOU consider yourselves to be "Just friends" doesn't mean THEY consider yourselves to be "Just friends"!

I second Lol-taire though. Even if they were the one to say that your relationship was that of 'Just friends' and didn't do so at all sarcastically or in the presence of someone who might question GLBT behaviour or be an alternative attraction of theirs; then from your descriptions of later events, I'd say they're waaaaay into you.

You're Amazing.

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She told me later that it didn't count. Apparently the end result was up to me. I choose whether we're just friends or something more. The issue at hand is that she seems to like me (she kept saying she loved me, but that is open to interpretation. i.e. I love my friend/ I love my girlfriend or boyfriend/ I love this song/ I love chicken noodle soup) but she likes a lot of other people too. I get jealous easily, so to prevent further conflict, I simply told her I wanted us to be friends. She would never go out with me excusively, and that would be an issue for me. I don't like to feel like I'm just there for a fool around whenever she gets bored. I doubt it's like that for a lo0t of people, but that's why I can't do the whole "friends-with-benefits" thing...

So, yeah.

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