Musical Theatre And Innocent Love Doomed

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I've been listening to a millieu of music from various musicals of late. Mostly Gypsy and Les Miz. It entertains me, and Ethel Merman seems to counteract depression.

I also tried out for the school play, 'You Can't Take It With You', which I don't know at all, but I think I did alright in the audition. I doubt I'll get in though, being I am a little freshman, and nobody likes freshmen. However, this chick in my drama class is really cool. I first met her through my ex-girlfriend-turned-friend about a year ago, but we re-met in drama this year, and she kicks ass. We spent about half the class the other day exchanging theatre horror stories about missed cues and falling setpieces. It was fun.

Hot drama class guy has revealed himself to be a boor, and a lunkhead, so now, I get to feel even more guilty for spacing out in class and drooling over him. Grr. If he was perfect I could worship him from afar, but he's not, so I lust after him while knowing full well that every time he opens his mouth I want to strangle him. Oh well. Lust is a transient creature.

On another boy-related note (my God, what has happened to me?!), there is a sincerely adorable boy in my French and history classes. His name is Ron, and he's a little geeky, smiles a lot, friendly, wears glasses, Iranian, plays soccer and is so cute it's difficult to look at him without wanting to throw your arms around him and ruffle his hair. Sigh. I actually considered signing my lazy intellectual ass up to play soccer for this boy. AND, he's actually a decent human being! Knowing the way my life goes, I may suffer in silence on this one forever. But I'm hoping we can at least be friends, because he's fun to talk to.

I miss my best friend. She's still in middle school, and we don't see each other much now. I miss our stupid jokes, and the way she smiles, and the way she laughs at me, and bashing teachers with her, and knowing that I'd have someone to talk to on Monday morning when I had a bad weekend. Sigh.