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Davis Sedaris is amazing, brilliant, and one of the coolest gay guys in the world. I saw him last night with Liana and a couple of friends from middle school. It was awesome, and I think I saw one of the English teachers from my school, who's also a very cool gay man. Anyway, I was totally stressed out over homework and all that and I didn't exactly finish it, but it turned out that I didn't really need to do the things I didn't do anyway. Today we are celebrating my step-dad's birthday. I got him a cool sander-thingy. He's into woodworking. Whatever. Also, I was going to make a costume like my icon, but that didn't work out so well. I have a white frilly shirt, black cape, white gloves, rainbow socks, black mask, rainbow boa, and rainbow umbrella. It's so weird, but really cool. Damn. My mom's friend Rose dropped by just now and it was really awkward. She dropped off a present for my mom and gave me $20 for my birthday. I used to really like her...... Now she just seems weird and superficial. I have to go make a strawberry for my Spanish project right now.... I'm making an alter thing for John Lennon. It's for the day of the dead. Uggh.


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I've been wanting a copy of

I've been wanting a copy of 'Me Talk Pretty One Day' since the summer before 8th grade, but it's like 'Keeping You a Secret'-it's never there when I want it.

Your costume sounds way better than mine, and with a lot more rainbows.

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