My hate. Myself.

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My self confidence has dropped into the negatives, from the 2% it was at during the summer. I think I'm an okay person in general, but things don't really work in my mind. Also, today was super happy fun day. It was supposed to be super happy fun, but the GSA president was also suffering from self-confidence issues because not very many people (as in four) showed up. I think other people might have come later. I had to leave after 10 minutes because I couldn't get out of math to call my dad to tell him to pick me up later...... I was pissed. Also, I think I'm going to come out to some school friends tomorrow. Maybe. I've in a happy not at all drug induced place for the past few weeks, but I'm berating myself about how terrible I am at everything. I feel like Liana....... she's always saying how lame she is. I know, but I actually am pretty lame. Not pretty, really, immensely, destructively lame. And that is my 40 minutes hate at myself for the day. Or for the 40 minutes. I'm coming in for back-to-back sessions. No way like hate to release you from yourself... That made no sense. I can't write. I think I'll go now