My neverending lack of a life

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I just realized that I'm going to see David Sedaris with my dad on Monday. I'm so excited, I've read all of his books, own many on audiotape, and have nearly memorized Me Talk Pretty One Day, because I've been reading it over and over again since I was about 9. Also, there's a Tegan and Sara concert I want to go to on December 6th. I know I'm spoiled and I get pretty much whatever I want, so I'm taking advantage of this opportunity to go see two hot lesbians playing really really loud music. Amazingness. On another note, they posted the Music Man cast list today. I'm a townsperson. I was kind of surprised, as I thought I wouldn't even get casted, but there you go. Even lame-ass bores like myself have a chance to stand on a stage and make fools out of themselves. My choir teacher said I needed to dye my hair all one color for the show, though. I don't know what I should do about this. Right now it has black, bleach-blonde and red. It used to be red-orange and black, and before that it was dark red. Liana says she liked it red. I might go with that, but NOT BECAUSE SHE WANTED ME TO. Just because it's easy and simple. Or maybe black just to spite her. She says it would look terrible with my freckles. Whatever. Random Snippet: The first game of the World Series is tomorrow.Red Sox obsession much, says the sports-loving dyke. It's only baseball, though. Anything else bores me. Random Snippet: I need to find my geometry book and do my homework before House comes on at 9. Or not. but I need to find my book. I've been wandering around the house asking people where it is in Spanish. Random Snippet: Tomorrow is SUPER HAPPY FUN DAY!!!! I don't really know what this is, but my GSA is organizing it and it has to do with something gay. Yay! Random Snippet: Sabrina talked to me yesterday, and she was in the locker room when I came in becuase she was talking to one of the PE teachers. She was wearing her rainbow belt and a rainbor shirt. XD Rainbows make me happy. I'm afraid I'll start obsessing over her again. I need to ask if she's broken up with that fucking jerk wad Mason yet. I'm kind of afraid to ask Meagan, because.... I don't know.... whatever. Random Snippet: I wrote some of the lyrics to the song I wrote. They're not very good, and came out sounding all emo..... my songs tend to do that. I think when I wrote it, I was thinking about my birthday and my cool shirt I got.

Allusions to happiness
cut through the loneliness

Empty jars of flowers
cling to their ears
and when the command is heard
it all disappears

Mix me a kettle
of poems and prose
where no one is equal,
not sure where to go

Ad-lib and dance
like a hollow baritone

Lacy silk secrets
won't drown out that drone

I don't really know what "mix me a kettle of poems and prose, where no one is equal not sure where to go" means, but it sounded okay. I wrote about the auditions, "ad-lib and dance like a hollow baritone" my shirt: lacy silk secrets won't drown out that drone" I don't really know what the drone is, but it kind of rhymed with baritone. And I'm not sure what empty jars of flowers are doing there, or what they're doing clinging to people's ears, but apparently they say some sort of command to make something disappear. I don't really get it. It made sense at 2 in the morning. Random Snippet: I don't want to wander aimlessly again, nor do I want to try and find my math book, but my parent's will bug me about it...... Damn. Random Snippet: My throat hurts again. My voice is all scratchy and I have the range of a tenor trying to sing alto. No, shit. But my nose is all stuffy,too. I just recovered form another cold, so I hope I'm not sick again, but this started after singing for 8 hours, so it might have something to do with that. Random Snippet: I love being gay. It makes life so much more fun...... When I was little, I never even considered the possibility that I might like girls (well, not totally, but bear with me), but I wanted to be a gay man. I used to pretend that I was a boy. and since I was supposed to like boys, being gay is what it translated to. I know I don't want to be a boy anymore, but I don't want to be a girl either, and I don't like boys bey much. Notice I didn't say, not at all. I like how they smell. I think boys should be used to stuff pillows or make jackets. They're nice to hug. But not as nice and girls. I think my thought process has stopped (if it had ever started) being coherent in my brain and on the screen. So I'm going to go look for my book now. Or maybe just read all the new gay Harry Potter fan fiction.....


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To stuff pillows or make

To stuff pillows or make jackets? XD

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Thanks, Li

Thanks, Li