new city, different circle

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i feel really weird. yesterday my gf asked me if i had any surgery done on my hand. weird i know, i told her yeah that when i was in 4th grade i was tripped while playing basketball and fell and cut my hand open on the gravel and had to have my hand cut open to remove the debris. i had suffered some kind of tissue or nerve damage and was unable to perform simple tasks as opening and closing my hand or grappling things for six months. she said she noticed because when i write i hold the tip of my pencil between my middle finger and the next and move my entire hand and none of my fingers.....i never noticed that before.

so my girlfriends ex that lives nearby asked me for a ride home from school monday,i told her that i couldn't b/c i was taking jesse home after school,she said her house was on the way. so i agreed and jesse had a fit! she cussed my ass out for evening talking to her ex. jesse didn't speak in the car. jesse's ex who's name is sarah by the way,asked me if i would mind giving her a ride home from cheerleading practice thursday,i of course said yes. i don't see why i can't be friends with sarah,granted that before jesse moved back to town me and sarah had been kinda dating. i guess now that jesse is around i'm not allowed to be near sarah which is kinda stupid. jesse should be the one not allowed around sarah since she is of course her ex. oh and alittle detail i found out from sarah,jesse is the one she lose her virginity to over the summer when they were 15!!!!!!!! crazy i know


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Well the virginity losing bit sounds insane! Well not really. Two GLBT people finding each other at that age and feeling that way and having next to no where else to turn to? Mmm, then again - FIFTEEN!

That's cute as a pikachu doll that your GF noticed that about you! She must be very very into you to have seen that, let alone ask with concern at the forefront of her mind!

I think the car scene you described is funny, three lesbians in a and not a peep from one. Ok, not that funny at all, but that sounds really great to be in that position, haha. HEROES is such a good show and I bet you'd LOVE the girl who plays a cheerleader there! Hayden Panetierre is her name. In French the last name is derived from 'bakery'! Which is extra cute, but omg all the dirty jokes you could make about that!

Oh well, peace yo.

You're Amazing.