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Okay, now that I'm done quoting Star Wars, I really, really want your attention, ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, because I need advice, badly.

Okay, there's this girl at school. I've wrote about her before on here. You may remember the chick whose butt I have been ogling I mentioned in a previous journal entry. Yeah, that's her. do I put this? Oh, yeah: she hangs out with these JERKS. They're not just jerks to me, they're jerks to her. They regularly tease her, sexually harass her, take her stuff while she's looking, and basically do a bunch of crap that I myself would NEVER put up with. Whenever they do this, she says "Stooooop," in this really high, whiny voice. And then they keep on doing it.

Yesterday, while I was sitting by myself behind this girl and one of the guys who regularly harass her, I saw the guy start slipping his fingers into her pants. She did her whiny "stop" again, and he actually did stop for once, but still! Why does she hang out with these guys who blatantly disrespect her?? She is an incredibly hot, intelligent, and nice girl! She deserves a whole lot more than this! Another time I told her I liked her top while these guys were near us, and one of them said, "I don't like it." Another said, "Yeah, it's bad. Take it off," and they both grinned. Horny bastards.

She seems to have incredibly low self esteem. Whenever I give her a compliment, I swear, her face glows. She makes this grateful little smile at me, and although she doesn't really say much about it, I can tell from the look on her face that she loves the compliment. One time I walked past her desk and almost tripped over her books, which were on the floor. I kind of scattered them around. I turned around and said "Sorry about that." I was surprised when she gave me one of those glowing looks. It was like people didn't apologize for tripping over her stuff often. And when I told her that I liked her top, she was wearing a jacket over it. But after I said that, she took off the jacket and sort of smoothed out the shirt and primped herself a little, like she was showing off.

What is she doing hanging out with these guys? My friend H knows her, because her mother is a biology professor at the same college her mom teaches at. Her mom's a freaking college professor!! Why is she hanging with these guys? The guys are what I call "wannabe gangstas." They listen to rap, dress in clothes with pictures of money, bling, and rap stars on them, and have atrocious grades. This girl is smart, though. She's in an advanced math class, and I noticed that she's tutoring another girl in science. How can she hang around these complete losers?? It's not like she seems to be much like them.

Tell me: is there anything I can do? Is there anything I should do? I want to tell a teacher, but I'm afraid of them only getting sent to ISS (in school suspension) for a few days or a week and then coming right back and bugging her again. I'm thinking about giving her a note asking her why she hangs out with these guys, just to give her something to think about. I've already wrote one, actually. Here it is:

[insert her name here], why do you hang out with guys like [name of a guy who treats her like crap], [another guy who treats her like crap], and [another guy who treats her like crap]? They push you, tease you, and tell you to take your top off. They don't respect you at all.

I don't want to get in your business of anything. I was just wondering. It's just that you're a really good person, and I think people who are nice, smart, and pretty like you deserve to hang out with people who appreciate them more.

I don't want you to reply or anything. I just wanted to give you something to think about.

-T [my first initial]

Should I give her the note? Or should I do what my friend H says I should do, and tell a guidance counselor about this? (She says that I should do that because then the counselor can't mention my name if he/she decides to do something about it. But I'm still worried about what those guys would do if I did that. Would they harass her even worse than before once they got out of ISS? I'm not remaining anonymous while she gets bullied by these guys. My conscience would beat me bloody if I did.) Or is there some other solution you guys have that I haven't thought of? Or is this any of my business, and should I butt in or not?

PLEASE help. Any input will do. I'm sick of being a g.d. bystander while someone else is being harassed. Thanks.


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If it were me, I'd go with

If it were me, I'd go with the note idea. You said she has low self esteem-I know it would make me feel a lot better about myself if I knew people cared about who I was friends with because they were worried for me. Also, it seems like it might have a more lasting effect than the guidence councilor idea-if she knew there were other people out there who wanted to be friends with her, she might reach out instead of going back to her old friends when their ISS ended.

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