Okay, sickness, please go away now.

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I'm really sick. I was okay enough to go to school yesterday, but today I could barely get out of bed. my entire body feels like a train wreck. My computer won't recognize my guitar thing so i can record, and my ipod speakers are gone..... I'm really pining for Tegan and Sara.... I'm hot and cold and hot and then cold again, and now I'm just too tired to take off my fuzzy robe. I'm not hungry, but I eat. I'm not tired, but I sleep. Tea doesn't help my throat, and I've already taken more than the maximum dose of day quill.I'm not interested in anything, and I don't pretend to be. I feel terrible. Well, I'm actually not as pessimistic as I made myself sound, but I'm worried about whether I'll be well enough to go to school tomorrow and the work I'll have to do to catch up. I'm really hot right now... Sweating.... I need to get up and go back to bed. I finished both of my books, unfortunately. I've been pining for something GBLT themed, but all of those books that I had I've given away. Oh well. My ipod is charging. I used to get sick on purpose (sometimes unconsciously, but on purpose). During the 7th grade, I was sick for the entire week. I got extremely depressed. I hope I'm not doing the same thing. I went over everything in my head this morning. I asked myself if I was doing this on purpose. My body answered with a creaking moan, "No." I asked myself if I was playging it up just a little bit so I wouldn't have to go to school. Once again, the answer came to me, obvious in its credibility. I asked myself If I would get depressed like last time, and mt throat managed to creak a squeaky, "I'll try." I've been mostly in bed for the past 15 hours, only getting up to make myself a cup of tea and some instant oatmeal. Also to plug in my ipod and go online. I think I need to go lie down now. I'm not actually as sick as I described, but I still feel like shit.