Please, Please, I want them to know

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So. I'm not exactly out to very many people at school. I recently put a pin (that I made, yay amazing pin-maker thingies) on my backpack. It says, "some of my best friends are heterosexual. People ask me what I'm talking about, and I tell them that half of my school last year was queer (it's true)...I get a strange look and they usually walk away. But there's this Muslim girl I'm kind of friends with who asked me what heterosexual was. I was kind of shocked. I explained, and she said that that was a weird pin to have on my bag. I think she meant that it would imply that I'm not straight. No shit.... That's kind of the point. It's just that I'm scared to put one of the more blatantly obvious ones (that I have) on there. It's not directly talking about me, it just implies that I support gayness or whatever. I think I will. Wow, I'm nearly as nervous as I was when I came out to my dad....... I think I'll be more so when I put it on, seeing as my sister will see it. I really don't want her to know. I think I'll go make the pin now. I have to start my homework, though... Ugh. I have to go now because my mom decided that we're all going to get flu shots. I've already been sick this season, though. Damn. Oh yeah, and the Red Sox lost last night to the Indians. Damn.


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I want to wear a button on

I want to wear a button on my backpack, but as I'm not out to my parents, I'm not sure if that's how I want them to find out. As well, only four people know, and one of them's my English teacher. >> Yes, my English teacher found out before my parents. That's pretty sad. Especially considering my parents are completely 'yay diversity!' and 'down with George Bush/Republicans/conservative ideas!'

I'd put the button on. I know who you're talking about, with the Muslim girl, and she's not homophobic. One of my friends showed her this girls-love manga she was making, and she was a little freaked out, but not upset or anything. So I wouldn't worry about her hating you or anything.

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I know she won't hate me,

I know she won't hate me, but it was just weird. My English teacher last year knew for 2 years before my parents did. Most of my teachers knew, as well as half the school. It was a small school.