Proud of the Mommy-ness

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I am so proud of my mother. I could go on and on about how strong she is because I've subjected her to a lot in the attempt to escape from my father. But that is old news. Today I am proud of her because this morning we had a disscusion about gay rights, correct terms for trans-sexuals and etc. Wow. It just completely blew my mind. I've discovered that we agree on a lot of issues. We didn't get into the gay marriage thing, but she knows I want kids, so I'm not sure what she thinks about it...It's possible that she thinks I'll go straight in time for kids. But I doubt it. It was nice to be able to talk to my mom about gay issues. About how queer used to be the term and now times are changing and one word is not all encompassing. We talked about how I define myself to other people (gay) but that occasionally I do like boys. I explained how it's not a sexual thing with guys but more of a personality thing...And how girls just make me all warm and fuzzy and bothered on all fronts. It was nice to be able to have a grown up conversation about it. If my mommy wrote a book I wouldn't be surprised if she called it "Conversations with my Gay Daughter". She says she learns a lot from me whenever I feel comfortable enough to talk to her about my life. So yes. This morning went well...

In other news:

Our foster dog is SO preggers. About to pop any moment. She'll probably have 5-10 puppies...And most likely, I will be the one up at 2 am delivering puppies. Now, anybody that knows me even a little bit knows that I am SO very squemish. Blood and bodily functions gross my out so badly...

Today was a good day. The first day in a long long time where I didn't feel completely depressed. This is good. I think school just depresses me or something. I spent the majority of the day with my mommy and that usually makes me rather happy. I also got to take a nap from 11:30 until almost 2 pm. It was amazing and the closest thing to orgasmic in a long time...That is until I got Creme Brule ice cream later...That's the most effective bribe on the planet...It turns me into a half way decent person instead of a monster. We're talking Grendel of the Beowulf variety...If you don't get it...Go read the classics.

Dr. (Amy) Quinn Medicine Woman!!! (FTW!!)


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yaaaaay for good days and

yaaaaay for good days and intelligent conversations!

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!