rain and sleepover [and metric]

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One more week til October break. Thank God. An escape to C's beach house, hopefully the start of a new job, and time away from goddamn school.

So, Metric. Omg, one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Them and Chevelle are pretty much at a tie. We were directly up front, they played amazing songs ["Empty, Poster of a Girl, Hustle Rose, Handshakes, Dead Disco, etc"] plus a bunch of new stuff that sounded pretty sick. I touched Emily's hand. Oh, God. And I've never seen so many gay people in one place. Not even at pride. Mostly girls. Within the first fifteen people in line [me being one of them] 80% were lesbians. So C felt really comfortable [as did I of course] and we'd kiss on the cheek, occassionaly a brief kiss on the mouth, and hug like a couple. Me and my power-gay, A, were really stoked on Hollywood. God, the gays!

Crystal Castles opened for Metric, and holy shit, they're awesome. I've been listening to an EP they handed out non-stop, practically. Neat electronica stuff. And the front woman is such a babe. Oh God I drooled everywhere. She was so fucked on crack though [and drunk]. Still, hot.

The only part that sucked was after the show we waited by their tour bus for them to come out, and the guitarist and the bassist come to the tour bus and said hi, but Emily and the drummer stopped, crossed the street, and left. Uber-shitty. But Jimmy and Josh were nice, and signed the setlist C so kindly got for me.

So anyway I spent the night at C's last night. I'm not one to share details of intimacy, but we got pretty close. Don't quite have our feet on home yet, but the only thing were wearing was pants and panties. Topless, we flew. It was liberating. And really sexy. I love C.

And it rained, so how lovely? It's still grey out, and hoping that's promise of more rain. It's becoming a dried up African watering hole in this damn town. Minus the ocean, I mean.