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I found out a couple of secrets today. I found out that my mom didn't even remember my birthday,my younger cousin reminded her! Also I found out that Jesse's little sister Carli is no longer a virgin. She's not even 17 yet! She told me on the drive home after her cheerleading practice and that I can't tell Jesse no matter what or she will spill my secret. Then Jesse's aunt told me that she doesn't think that me and Jesse will last. How sweet of her to say(that's me being sarcastic).She says that me and Jesse may come from similiar backgrounds, but we are two totally different people. Jesse is the wild n' crazy,unattainable,free spirit. And I am the quiet and uptight little angel.The only thing her aunt thinks we have in common is shoe size. I ask what is wrong with having different personalities,if we were the same our relationship would be so boring.

So um about that secret that I have....well I mentioned awhile ago that me and my friend Sarah kissed,it was more her than me though! Well I told Jesse tonight and that it didn't mean was just one of those are you sure theres nothing there kiss. Jesse took it very well,she just smiled and started laughing. Turns out that Sarah told her the day they stopped fighting. It was a relief Jesse just asked who was the better kisser......Jesse is of course!