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Ok. So...bout a week ago i was so excited bout that new tila tequila show coming (still am lol). I missed the day it started and stuff, so i'm all bummed out that i missed it. I went on google to search and see if i can just find out more before tuesday when its playing and i jus find a bunch of blogs and articles about it debuting and stuff. I got offended a bit with this one article i read and it was about bisexuals and how indecisive bout who we wanna be with (men or women) and some other comment. Idk it jus made me a bit mad 'cause to cant be helped. So what if we're confused? Most of us cant find love in one way or another...being in the middle makes it easier for people. Maybe i'm wrong...idk. Guess this is my little rant. Lol.


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yay for bisexual dating shows!

I missed it too *cries* but I'll catch it later
Tila's so petty ^^
I can remember a place I used to go
Chrysanthemums of white, they seemed so beautiful
I can remember, I searched for the amaranth
I'd shut my eyes... to see

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Has this person ever seen

Has this person ever seen the way that some straight people date?

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I don't think bisexuality is confusion. You might be bisexual. You might be confused. But they are two separate issues. :-)

Also, I don't think bisexuals stay "in the middle" to make it easier to find love, either.


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