So ticked off- AIDS discussion.

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IM SOOOO MAD! So after my last entry i had english class. In english were talking about random things and then some how AIDS got brought up. Something about the KKK's website saying that only gay men get AIDS or the gay men produce it or whatever. And like a few well more people in the class were like it's true...
And i'm like no it's fucking not!!! And i'm like you guys are idiots.. how could you say that? I was soo pissed off.
Now i may be doing my project on AIDS or like Gay and lesbian tolerance.


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If you get upset by the stupidity of others, you're going to have a very pissed off life.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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- One Nation, Under Darkness, with liberty and justice for white, heterosexual, rich, Christian men

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Yes, because the KKK is

Yes, because the KKK is known for it's medical acumen and nuanced reportage. Just as teenagers are known for not being dipshits trying to show off.

Do a project on tolerance if it makes you happy, but it's like getting upset when the mad old tramp calls you names while you wait for the bus.

You can't let everything wound you equally; not all insults carry equal weight because not all opinions carry equal weight. The tragedy isn't that mad old tramps call people names, but that there are mad old tramps who have to sleep in bus garages. The insult of select members of your English class (and the KKK) isn't to gay people, but to intelligence.

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You sould do a project on

You sould do a project on AIDS or something. Personally, if someone said that I'd probably walk right up there and slap them... Well, I don't have the confidence to do that so I'd just give them a good lecture until their ears bleed.

Did the teacher do anything about it?