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Someone posted about this not so long ago but this time the message looked different to me so here's what it says:

The spam filter that is installed on this site is currenly not available. Per the site's policy, we are unable to accept new submissions until that problem is resolved. Please try resubmitting the form in a couple minutes.

And currently is spelled incorrectly in the message, but I hate using 'sic' to denote typos.

And you're amazing Adrian and Jeff and/or whomever else for putting everything we have here together! :) I just wanted to break something when a long comment didn't go through and I had to say adios though.

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I second that. it has

I second that. it has happened to me thrice by now.

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No clue...

That's an Adrian thing, and it has actually never happened to me.

That said, when I type in a long reply on *any* site, I always do a "select all" and "copy" before submitting by default.


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