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I guess it was lucky I took mom to the ER when I did [which I figure was a day late] because the amount of bacteria circulating throughout her body was pretty.... dangerous. Her gull bladder surgery is tomorrow [Wednesday]. Then she can come hom Thursday or Friday!

Until then, I have been staying with C. We like living together. And her mom makes me feel like a 50's child. We are pampered. I get home cooked meals, and I don't have to clean up [though I do try to help] and I get breakfast made for me in the morning with chai latte. Mmmm. C got me into loving chai. Bless her. And we watch the Office with dinner. It's all very nice.

I got to see mom every day and we talk quite a bit. She feels much better and I know now she'll be a lot more.... I don't know, life appreciative. Maybe being sooo sick will drag her out of the funk she's been in. Maybe not though.

I've found I'm very irritable when I first wake up, in the middle of the night and such. Poor C will accidentally elbow me in adjustment and I will groan in angry protest. C is also not at all a morning person.

And I love my art teacher. She is a teenager at heart. And is uber-liberal.

I just love art.


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I just read your last

I just read your last post.
Glad to hear your mom is doing a lot better =)

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I am terrifically glad to

I am terrifically glad to know your mother's health is better. In wish her a lot of good luck in her surgery and consequential recovery. It also makes me very glad to know you are happy with C, it almost makes me think there's some kind of point to this barbarity we call life. Good luck!

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I'm so glad to hear your mum

I'm so glad to hear your mum is feeling better, I hope the surgery goes well. Keep us posted.

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It's great that your mom's gonna be okay. And yay living with C ^^

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