Sunburn And Sartre

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This weekend was the first practice of the school ultimate frisbee team/club. It was completely awesome. I forgot how much I like ultimate frisbee. It's one of the few sports I'm halfway decent at, and the people on the team are ridiculously wonderful, sweet, fun people. The only downside was that my shoulders, face and neck are sunburnt. Which hurts. But oh well.

I'm actually managing to deal with school this year. The academics weren't really a problem in middle school, except when I slacked off, but school as a whole was miserable. This year everyone seems more sane and intelligent, and I don't get a lot of bull from authority figures. It's nice to not have your teachers/counselors/administrators being insensitive about your gender/sex and all the chaos it entails. So far, most of them haven't said anything, and the only ones who have have been supportive and wonderful. I'm also more athletic then I've ever been. I'm playing frisbee, going to the gym, and intend to play rugby this fall. Things are looking up. Or at least they are no longer intently studying the ground.

I also finally got around to reading 'No Exit' by Jean-Paul Sartre, this weekend. It was brilliant, and I will probably be quoting 'Hell is other people' for the rest of my life. Because very often it's true. I also read three of his other plays, which I enjoyed, but were not as good as 'No Exit'. However, this put me in a semi-depressed uber cynical mood, so I was not pleasant to be around, I'm sure.

My depression seems to be only rearing its head when something else is bothering me, like a headache or my mother. So I seem to have reached a point where I'm just over-dramatic about things, instead of perpetually sad and moping. This is good.

Judy Garland makes everything better. Even broken hearts and math homework.


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Mmm. Ultimate frisbee. I

Mmm. Ultimate frisbee. I miss that from Kenyon. Ultimate people are awesome. They don't play it too much in London. I had forgotten how nice of a change high school was from middle school. I'm glad things are working out better. Speaking of plays, I just read this wonderful play called Fewer Emergencies. It's actually three short plays. If you have only a little time, read the section called "The whole blue sky" I think you would really like it. I'm coming to see Stanford this February! Maybe we could meet up as i am sans parental units and will probably visit San Francisco.