The numbers don't add up

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My mom spoils me rotten. She buys me whatever I want and beyond. For my birthday (which is on Monday), she took me and a couple of friends to Teatro ZinZanni. It was an amazing experience. There was a big show with brilliant contortionists, comedians, and singers. Also, the food was great for the weird vegan child. It was.....indescribable, really. All of the costumes were amazing. My friend Liana (oh, whatever, I'll give up on the whole not using people's names thing) wanted to draw this one girl's dress. She played a doll. It was brilliant. The dress was laced in the front and back like a corset, and had this big lacy collar thing. I got Liana some asexual t-shirts. They're hilarious. She says she'll wear one to school. XD Speaking of school, I made a mole for national mole day..... It's... interesting. So far, It's totally black-velvety. Oh Shit. I forgot to buy character shoes.... I need them for tomorrow..... Oh, Shit..... Whatever, I'll freak out about that more tomorrow. We have a choir thing all day. I can't believe I have to be at school all day on a Sunday. Also, I'm kind of nervous. Sabrina (the teenage bitch) is in one of the choirs and we're going to have to be together all day. I'm hoping I can hide... Please, Alice, could you wear some sort of baggy sweatshirt or large obscene piece of cardboard to increase your width? I have no life. I like the idea of one, but in reality, it gets to tiring keeping it up. I'm terrible at everything I do.... (music & writing and nothing else, really). I'm an evil confused little bitch. Yip, I'll bite your hand off. I'm lonely and badly in need of a girlfriend...... I think I'll go sulk now.... Oh! Wait! I'm reading this AMAZING book for english. Apparently, my english teacher is very pro-gay and all that. It's by the guy who wrote boy meet boy. It's told from 20 different perspectives. 3 of the characters are GBLT. It's amazing, as I identify so much with the girl in the 3rd chapter...... It makes me happy. Uh, oh. I'm getting random mood swings again. I know it won't be like it was before. That was drug-induced. Legal, but terrible. I was on anti-depressants for 5 years, and, in the end, they just made me more depressed. I still have the scars to prove it. But I used to get these immense mood swings. My entire disposition would flip-flop every few minutes. Not fun. Not to mention that I couldn't really feel anything pr consider other people's feelings. Well, kind of, distant-like. I HATE drugs. All drugs, legal or illegal. Well, not the life-saving or altering for the better kind, but the kind that make you go haywire. Yick. I need to sleep so I can get up in time to finish my homework before I have to go to school tomorrow. More yick.... I've been yicky.....


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I'm sorry, that sounds icky with the mood swings. But w00t for the GLBT book. All we do at my school is formulate gay conspiracies about Holden and about Danny/Reuben. *sigh*

And if it makes you feel any better, teching for Shakespeare = In school all day today, on a ladder, hanging lights. From last Sunday until next next Saturday, I will have come into school every single day. *dies a little inside*

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I want to read that book...I

I want to read that book...I doubt we'll read it, though. What's the title? Maybe the school library has a copy, or the used bookstore.

Unfortunately, I can't wear a big sweatshirt because a) none of the ones I own are that big because they all shrink in the wash (while still remaining huge) and b) we need to wear our t-shirts. -.- Fun for the people who hate being touched.

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the book's the realm of

the book's the realm of possibility right?
I can remember a place I used to go
Chrysanthemums of white, they seemed so beautiful
I can remember, I searched for the amaranth
I'd shut my eyes... to see

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Yup. It's awesome

Yup. It's awesome