The Random Mumblings of My Brain (AKA pointless rambling)

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We had a choir concert thing on Sunday. Both of my parents came to watch, and my dad said that, "it was so touching." It made me want to punch something. I went home with my mom and watched the Red Sox win the last round of the playoffs and opened presents for my birthday. My mom got me this amazing long black coat with big brass buttons and a cool collar. Also, I got a very cool black and gold top, a Tegan and Sara shirt and jacket, and a vegan cookbook. My mom got me a chocolate cake form whole foods and we smiled and laughed and watched the baseball game. It was great. Monday wasn't so great. It was my actual birthday, but I went to my dad's house. That in itself isn't very birthday-like. I went to school, hey, neither is that. I kept thinking that my birthday should have been Sunday. Monday is a busy night. I don't really get home until 9:30, and we had to celebrate my birthday. I rushed to do my homework, and read my middle-school blog instead. It was hilarious. I was talking about feeling disconnected and everything else that decided to tag along in my happy pills. The reason I got home at 9:30 is because I went to my shrink, waited around for an hour for my sister to get out of soccer practice, went home for 15 minutes, went to Outlet, then came home. I managed to do my Chem homework while waiting for my sister, and did some of my English, my Spanish, and some of my math after I got home. I got up at 5 to finish it and have been catching up on reading journals here and "The Smart Girls Guide to Boys." Don't ask. I have a history test today, and we have to write an essay on the impact of Napoleon on France, Europe and LAtin America. I kind of know the material, but I can BS my way through it. I need to study for my Chem test, which is tomorrow, I think, and find my literature-circle book to annotate.... I thought I brought it upstairs last night when I suddenly got really tired at 12:30. That was weird. I'm usually fine and in my right mind until at least 2:00. Oh, shit. I need to write song lyrics for this song I wrote. my guitar teacher said to email them to him before tomorrow so he could bring his recording equipment. I should do that as soon as I get home from school today. Thank god it's Tuesday. I have no obligations. I like it when I'm not too busy, even though it may seen like I'm not very busy anyway, I just can't function with too much stuff going on. Woah, mind randomness:

My ears hurt. I took my earrings out 2nd period yesterday, but they're still hot.

Sabrina talked to me yesterday. She didn't get to see my amazing outfit, but when the girls were congregated near the door of the gym waiting to get in for PE, she walked by and asked, "having fun?" I gave her some kind of witty, exasperated look. At least I hope it was witty and exasperated.

I feel sick again......


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Well, Happy Birthday! Though

Well, Happy Birthday! Though it does sound a bit hectic. :]
p.s. I'm totally in love with your "witty and exasperated" line, no lie.

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Thanks. Birthdays are fun

Thanks. Birthdays are fun when you can't occupy your mind with how much they suck.