The "Talk"...don't touch me

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Anyway this evening my gf Jesse gave me "the talk", and by that I do mean the sex talk. She talked on and on about various things that I had no interest in what so ever! I mean I know she means well and all since I am a virgin,but why is she giving me the talk,we just started dating again. Maybe she thinks things are different this time and that maybe I will be willing to give it a shot,which I know I won't! She went into full on teacher mode with a chart,books,and videos, as if I hadn't been the one to help her pass health,human anatomy,and human development(sex ed) in school. And besides I thought I made it clear to her last year that sex isn't exactly on my to-do list,plus I have a hard enough time with having a physical relationship...with anybody! I barely hug and kiss my family and friends. I just told her "don't touch me". I think that was clear enough don't you think so?


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If she wants sex and you don't, sounds like ya'll should break up and she needs to find someone into sex, and you need to find someone not into it, no? That's rarely something people just concede on, unless you're OK with her getting sex outside the relationship legally.


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This happened last year

Well I like her but not that much. Sex is the reason we broke up last year. She was having it with everyone before,after,and during the time we were dating. I dunno she has issues. But if we break up because of this again then we were never meant to be!

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