thinks I'm cute

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Listening to the album premier of Coheed and Cambria's "No World for Tomorrow." I'm sure by the end of this entry I'll have more of an opinion on it.

I never did tell the story of the girl who thinks I'm cute. I'm flattered, but wouldn't be interested even if I wasn't with C.
On the way to Metric, A was texting a friend and said "Oh, my friend is jealous we're going to see them. She loves them." Me: "Who is it?" "My friend [soandso]." Me: "Oh, she's in my math class!" So he tells her I'm in her math class and who I am and she responds: "Oh I think she's so so so cute. Tell her to marry me!" Oh I was so flattered! It's like the jock who all the girls write Mr and Mrs Jock about on their binders. Hah, I mean not really, but it's still cool.

I then noticed her passing a glance my way from across the class and she'd smile at me and I'd return the favor. Oh, and she used to work downtown at the same time I did, so I'd pass her just outside the parking structure and she'd smile at me then, too.

Yeah, but even though it's cool and shit, I'm completely covered in love for C and the girl's a druggie. So whaevah.

New Coheed is pretty clean cut. And kind of classic rock sounding sometimes. Eh. And Claudio's recycling too much. Lyricwise, I mean. I'm sure when I buy it it'll grow on me. They always do if I love the band.

Speaking of bands I love, I get to go see Chevelle in a week! They're coming to my hometown [I've seen them at this venue before]. They were so sicckkkk last time. One of the best, for sure. And I and my friend talked to them for twenty minutes after everyone left and we were waiting for my mom. At this venue, the tourvan has to go directly outside the theater. Convenient!!