This is ridiculous!

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yes but..

it didn't make you laugh even a little bit?

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oh wow. that is absolutely

oh wow. that is absolutely absurd. so ridiculous it's funny.

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First of all: Wow. That really was ridiculous.

Second of all: Though I don't think it's a packagable chemical any more than you do, I don't think it's, as you said, a "choice" either. But that's a whole different debate entirely; and it could just be a phrase misfiring.

Third of all: From what I gathered from the article, it wouldn't change the which pheromone or whatever turned the soldiers on, simply place it on another guy.

That is to say: Whatever chemicals that would be in the "Gay Bomb" wouldn't turn them gay; simply really, really horny. Sex is sex, as far as the brain is concerned. Homosexuality, according to the Pentagon, would be an outlet.

I think it's something like this. But that's just what I gathered.

By the way, I see you're new here; so welcome to Oasis.

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absolutely hilarious

okay, it may be inhumane, but if it actualy worked and an army fell because they couldn't stop fucking I would die of laughter. But I can't help but wonder, what about the female soldiers? It's scarry though that the government actualy entertained that idea.

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Wow. This made my day. It's

Wow. This made my day. It's hilarious and absurd, and I can hardy believe that anyone could possibly take it seriously. Well, that's probably because I grew up in an oh-so-liberal and accepting part of oh-so-liberal and accepting California.

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First of all: it did was

First of all: it did was hilarious.

Second: Sex is sex, so the 'gay bomb' ought to be called, I think, more like the 'horny bomb'. Of course, being most of the soldiers guys, the outcome can be easily predicted. Lol.

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Hahahahahahaha. Make

Hahahahahahaha. Make luuuurve not war, quite literally.

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omg rofl

that was fricken hilarious! it would be the bomb to end all wars! dont threaten us or we'll make all your soldiers so horny you lose control of them! muahahahahahahah! this is my new world domination plan!

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