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I know I could've wrote something better than throwdown but nothing came to mind so here goes....
I picked up my friend Sarah yesterday afterschool from her cheerleading practice which ended at like 5:30pm. I got their early so just sat on the bleachers and watched. When they finished Sarah said she was going to change and then be ready to go. Then all of a sudden out of the blue comes my gf Jesse,who starts ranting and raving about me fantasizing being with a cheerleader and blah blah blah(you get the point).

Sarah finally comes out from the locker room and she jumps into the conversation saying my gf is alittle too protective for no reason since I never have cheated unlike her. And of course by now the entire cheerleading squad is circled around us watching to see what happens next. And as to be expected there was a slap from Jesse to Sarah,then a push from Sarah to Jesse(which knocked Jesse down),then a "HUGE" push from Jesse to Sarah,which was followed up by an extremely loud and echoing slap from Sarah to Jesse, which caused Jesse to say calmly,"You slap like my sister" and Sarah replied,"I know how hard your sister slaps,she slapped my ass yesterday!" (which by the way maybe true since they both are cheerleaders) And as to be expected Jesse reached for Sarah's hair...that was when I backed up.

All you hear in the gym is those two girls screaming and pulling at each others hair and rolling around on the court.During this whole situation I didn't move, what good would it do for me to try and break them up,I personally like being in one piece. But it wasn't until Jesse got Sarah pinned underneath her and started slapping the crap out of her that I stepped in and pulled Jesse off.

Those two girls looked like hell,hair standing up everywhere,scratches all over,and possible bruises. The cheerleading squad took Sarah away to the locker room to get cleaned up,while I took Jesse outside to her car. Last year Jesse got mad at me for getting into a fight with one of her ex's,now its my turn to be mad at her for fighting with her ex who is my friend. I told Jesse to get in her car and go home. Then I went back to the gym to get Sarah so I could take her home. When I dropped Sarah at home her mom asked why was her face so red,she replied, "Practice was a bitch!" I hope Sarah's mom doesn't find out about the fight,if so I'm dead meat.