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*I really have a problem with people that urinate in public!In the past couple of days I've seen three different guys weeing in the street.This really bothers me because it is unhygieneic,it smells,and is generally just unpleasant!!Okay tha is my rant over.*

Today I have made the decision to have a better positive mental attitude.I was thinking about my attitude to life in general today as I took the bus home from college,and I decided that if I aproached things in a more upbeat manor I could be a lot happier.Instead of being cranky and mopey getting up early in the mornings for college I am going to be thankful for the day and happy that I am lucky enough to be in college.I think I should also start appreciating my friends and family a lot more.Not that i don't appreciate them now,it is just that I have a tendancy to disappear into my own head a bit and push them away from me.Well thats all I have to say for now.Adios.


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I actually probably hate

I actually probably hate people spitting in the street more that I hate public urination. But neither are nice habits.

Anyway good luck with the power of positive thinking.

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Get a squirt bottle. Next

Get a squirt bottle. Next unhomicidal looking person you see doing this squit them and say (in a firm voice) bad doggie. we do that inside.

For the record. I am joking. Please don't try this.

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bad doggie - lol

anyways, good for you for deciding to have a better positive mental attitude and appreciating your friends and family more. I can understand what you mean about always being in your head - that's SO me too.
But I dunno if I'll EVER be able to not be grumpy about dragging my ass out of bed early for university!