Weird Thoughts

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So much tow write and nothing to say. Pointlessness. It's all so pointless. I was thinking today (well, that's all I do, really), that I would like to attempt suicide. Not seriously, or actually kill myself, but as a sort of social experiment..... I'm in a very happy place right now. Drug-Free, I assure you, but this is a sort of happy-like thing too. It's an experimentation with life, testing the tide.... I won't actually do it, I would never, but the urge is there. Not to be dead, but to do something drastic and out of the ordinary. I've been thinking about reality again and about the universe. Things bigger than me. nothing I can change, but a realm I can explore. Well, I'm going to go melt my brain in front of our HD TV now. All these stupid thoughts can run out my ears and form a puddle in the shape of mickey mouse's head...... That's all they are really. Everything is Mickey Mouse because everything is connected. Oh shit, was I slipped something in my curried peas and tofu or lentils? Or is is the dayquill? I hope people (whoever bothers to read this shit) realize that I'm really not serious at all, that this was just a thought entertained by my stimulation-starved mind.


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I've got to say, we're kind of on the same boat dude.

Well, actually I've been toying the idea of trying to kill myself too, but of course I wouldnt finish it off. I just would like to know what will happen after I get rescued from my drug-overdose craziness. I mean, if I do it, will I find myself lying on a bed whose sheet is clean and white, and when i sit up all i'd see is a white-painted small room, only to realize that i'm in a mental hospital already? I've been feeling ennui for quite a while now, as in since June this year, and it has not changed. I just want to feel some change, i want to bring back the passion i have once felt..

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