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why is it that entries on oasismag are by and large a million times more interesting, deep, well-written than most of the things i've read on straight teen forums? it's not an attack against them (i'm bi, so it wouldn't make sense to), it's merely an observation. are we more creative than straight people? and why? how?
or is it because queer people, at least if you're still young and feel awkward and aren't out, have to keep a lot of their thoughts and lives to themselves and can't just, you know, gossip about it with friends, so that allows time for introspection and what you share here is more interesting or meaningful because you've been thinking about it on your own?
has anyone else found that oasismag seems to be full of interesting people who can write well? no, really -- i'm wondering what the psychology behind this is.

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I'm probably bias, but I was

I'm probably bias, but I was talking to one of my friends (she's gay, obviously) about this today, and we came to the conclusion that judging by observation, the lesbians we know tend to be more intelligent/literate than the straight girls and guys.
Not really sure why, probably because most of us (Sorry for the generalization) don't do the whole "ZOMGG BOYSS THATS LYK SO TTLY HOT MAYB IF I ACT DUMB ENUF HE'LL HAVE SEX WITH ME" kinda thing.

..But then again, I'm a cynic :)

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Well assuming that we

Well assuming that we actually are such a stellar bunch of self-aware literati, I think the regular writers here are quite a self-selecting bunch:

Journals only appeal to verbal people; if you can articulate your experiences I think it's easier to articulate your emotions, and if you can describe and name your emotions then you can understand them.
And of course if we're all self obsessed enough- and I'm a big fan of self obsession in a lot of contexts, call it introspective if it makes everyone feel better- to keep a journal, then we've probably naval-gazed enough to be thoroughly familiar with our vivid inner lives. So we can tell everyone else about them. In journal form.

And we clearly all like writing because we're all here to write for fun. Writers- the better writers anyway- are also readers. And people who read are clever clogs and super cool.

Also if people here are good writers it's because they practise. By writing here. And elsewhere probably, but I know that writing on here had improved my writing massively.

Perhaps also people who aren't me and have interesting lives might chose to write about them- as opposed to people like me with boring lives who should perhaps cease and desist- because they want to chronicle their exciting lives.

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I think it leans towards the

I think it leans towards the fact that when you can't.couldn't talk freely about your life for at least a while, it causes you to start thinking for yourself. And why, when you discover that you can think it becomes addictive.

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Good question!

I agree with all of the above responses and also want to reaffirm that since the vast majority of gay teens are closeted, they are forced to analyze what makes them different; if just to KNOW, but more likely to ensure they don't 'slip up' and get harassed unwantedly.

By analyzing yourself more than once, you probably come to the realization (more quickly) that some facts about yourself are obvious, unnecessarily stated or learn how to phrase things to a much greater degree since you may fear your own vocalizations in the real world!

I'd also point out that those of us on here don't constitute the majority of gay teens either, and that the individuals who sought this out did so with REAL meaningful intent behind it, promoting them to write in such a way on the site.

Straight teens may seem to write less amazingly/interestingly/whateverly because of the above, and
a) to you, a straight person isn't one you relate to so well!
b) because there are a LOT more straight teens writing out there, causing the bad entries to be a lot more visible.
c) to many straight teens, journaling somewhere may seem trendy or like 'the fad' and they don't do it with the aforementioned real meaningful intent. When the motivation is conforming to the norm or popularity, I think the drive and emotional output radiated by something is lower than with another trigger (such as expression due to a hateful environment, as is the case for a lot of GLBT teens).

You're Amazing.

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I've noticed that too.

The writing on here is more or less entirely better than that found on non-gay forums.

Sometimes, though, I don't think it's because the writing is all mind-buggeringly fantastic, per se, but because a good bit of everything else out there is mind-witheringly awful.

Secondly, the people who write journals here have to possess, at the very least, the motivation to do so. Which, I believe, weeds out most of the lazy ones who don't like full words. I agree with Disney: this isn't necessarily a full representation of the average gay writing skill, simply that of the ambitious ones.

Thirdly, this website has a specific purpose; a specific niche. Therefore, it's easier to be deep, here. It's easier for one to discuss things if the people are like...one.

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i dont really write to many journals, but i do alot of writeing. maybe its just we have nothing better to do with our time so we think more. I learned to think because to lie really well i needed to be smart. so i'm good at comeing up with stuff and being creative. i blame sociaty for makeing me so creative :D

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I think it's because we're a

I think it's because we're a smaller community-type site. So therefore, we're cooler.

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I think...

Therefore, I am.

No, really, I think it's because the peoples on Oasis don't get out much. They hole them selves up and sit on the computer all day and they all look like Vamps cause they don't get any sun and OH I'M KIDDING!!!

It's possibly a result of having less people to talk to openly. I believe teens tend to close off from others if they feel they (Others) can't be trusted, and sexuality, for some odd reason, is a big deal to society and if you don't fall into a certain box, they (Others) get scared. So most people aren't really very open and need some sort of outlet to let out their thoughts and feelings and be themselves, and guess what, here it is!!!

That, and we're just kick-a**.

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Or is it because... oasismag

Or is it because... oasismag is a place where more 'intelligent' people gather... where those gay people who don't like more meaningly discussions just don't come here anyway. Straight and gay forums simply are too vague. I reckon oasismag is just for people who like more thoughtful discussions... I'm sure some forums supposedly for 'straight' people (but serious I haven't heard about 'straight' forums before) have intelligent conversations too.

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I've noticed that too! I

I've noticed that too! I haven't seen any other gbltq (etc. etc.) youth forums, though, so maybe oasis is an exception. I do have this theory that the self-discovery and coming out process that gbltqs are have to go through forces them to be more self-aware, perceptive and thoughtful than most straight people. Straight people just need to go with the flow and copy others, to a degree (not saying that some of them don't do more than that - just that they don't need to). I should add a disclaimer, lest that sound insensitive, that I know straight people experience their share of emotional pain and growth too. I just suspect for us, it's a slightly different kind that requires better mental articulation.


I dunno. :)

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Actually, I think it's just

Actually, I think it's just us here at Oasis and not gay people in general. I'm a member of another GLBT forum, and I was wicked disappointed with the journal/blog section--people didn't write well or intelligently.

Just remember--Oasis advertises itself as a writing community. I mean, I found it 'cause I googled something along the lines of "gay youth writing" or some such thing...

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i'd have to agree with that.

i'd have to agree with that. i don't think it's GLBT in general because there are some who are like normal people i suppose...

i think it's simply the people on here.

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