Working out and getting inspired!

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Well Saturday I watched Loving Annabelle with my gf Jesse,at one of my aunts house. It was nice just it being the two of us sitting on the floor against the couch in front of the tv with the popcorn between us. The only noise was the movie,and when I paused the movie to get more popcorn it was nothing but peace, the only noise was the dvd player. It was kinda awesome being completely alone with Jesse with no funny business.
Anyway Sunday after lunch I went home and changed and headed to the gym since I hadn't been in a couple weeks and figured I might as well go since I had nothing better to do. When I got to the gym all decked out in my gym clothes (black sweats and tank) I ran into my friend Sarah's cousin who works there,she's 22. She was excited to see me for some odd reason.
Anyway I showed my membership card and went on about my business of working out. I decided that I'd start small since I hadn't worked out in a while so I started with a bicycle. After 10minutes on that Jesse calls since she knew I was at the gym and asked if she could join. I don't know why Jesse wants to workout,she is naturally a size 2! I on the other hand am naturally a 4 but now a 6 because I put on weight for my sports. But I think its kinda nice that she is willing to workout with me, you know to humor me.

Anyway Jesse shows up to the gym in her little shorts and whitebeater looking all preppy! Anyway we got on the treadmills so we could talk and workout. It was fun,she jumped onto my treadmill with me and turned up the speed. Since she was in front of me she jumped onto the sides while I ran. She finally turned off the treadmill and she drug me to the bench. She put on 50lbs. for me to start off with,then she moved it up to 120 after a few minutes. 120lbs isn't too hard for me to press,but believe me it gets difficult when you gf is sitting on you! When it was her turn on the bench I put on 90lbs and made jokes about the noises she was making. It sounded dirty,ha ha. So after spending two hours at the gym me and Jesse decided to go. I wanted to go to the locker room to shower first since I was all sweaty and gross. But Jesse said I could shower at her house since we were going there.
When I got to Jesse's I immediately jumped into the shower and remembered to lock the bathroom door this time! I remembered how when we first started dating last year she woud walk into the bathroom while I was in there....I would find that to be hot if I wasn't so into privacy. I was glad that when I got out of the shower Jesse had some more sweats and a tank for me to wear and then she got into the shower. We had the weirdest conversation, it might have been because we had been getting all hot and sweaty at the gym. You sexual tension or whatever.

Jesse: So did you enjoy your shower?

Me: Uh yeah it was great.

Jesse: Good cuz if it wasn't,you know I can fix that!

Me: Thanks but no thanks. I don't think I will need your help in the shower.

Jesse: Okay I was just lending my services.

Me: I've heard that alot lately.

Jesse: Well I hope you will do more than just hear about my sevices. Maybe you might try them one day?

Me: Yeah sure when pigs fly.

Jesse: They do fly, men fly in planes everyday!

Me: Still not gonna happen. I'd have to be out of my mind!

It was a very interesting conversation. I was leaning against the bathroom door when I heard her say something so sweet it almost made my heart melt almost. "Without you I can't survive." She didn't know I could hear her. If I wasn't so uptight,incompassionate,and afraid of getting hurt, I would have blown through that bathroom door and let her know how much I really cared. Here I go again getting attached,getting to close to her. I'm being drawn in again,if I'm not careful I will be a mumbling,fumbling,insane twit like last year. But now I think I just found my inspiration to write a poem


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awww, thats kinda cute in a

awww, thats kinda cute in a smutty way...but still cute...

- - -
Pronouns make it hard to keep our sexual orientation a secret when our co-workers ask about your weekend.
- I had a GREAT time with...them.
Yay, now they don't think you're queer, just a slut!