Would you take the Straight pill right now, if there were one?

17% (4 votes)
83% (19 votes)
Total votes: 23


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How is your acceptance of your sexuality doing?

I know my answer would've been 'yes' a couple of years ago, but within the last 6 months it would be a definite 'no'. I think that being gay has entitled me to a much broader perspective than I would ever have had as a straight individual, and I can see more good coming from me being a gay man than a straight man.

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Yay first vote!

Maybe at one point, but now I wouldn't just because being gay and all that comes with it has helped shape me to who I am today.

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I can't lie, I accept that I am gay and know it won't stop me being happy.

But if I had the choice I'd rather be able to flirt back when boys flirt with me, joke with my friends about boys truthfully, go 'fox hunting' (our new word for looking out for the fitties- long story), fancy Jeremy Warmsley, conceive naturally, not estrange myself from my extended family, relate on am emotional level to most literature, not be so lonely and not feel so cheated.

I've no doubt if I was straight I'd have plenty of angst about not being able to find a nice boy or being unattractive or fat or just a bit crap, but there would be a greater likelihood of me getting off with someone at the end of the night. And frankly I'm 18 and that's what I really want. To be able to have fun, have sex and joke about the whole thing with my friends who are doing the same thing.

I don't like being gay. Not just this current asceticism, but also the wedge it creates between my friends' experiences and my own. And it is the wedge you know, the fact that I can't go out with them and pull and the fact that I don't know how to talk about boys.

So if I could be straight I would be. But I can't be, so to hate myself for it, or even just to hate it is pointless. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me sad.

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I agree with pretty much

I agree with pretty much everything you have just said.I wish I didn't,but I do.

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I don't think I would. Being gay makes my life just that little less bland.

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This reminds me of X-Men 3. With the pill that makes them human. But no, I wouldn't take it, because being straight, just isnt as fun as not. :D No, but on the reals, I accept who I am, and wouldn't change it because who I am is awesome.


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I'm not gonna go lie and say

I'm not gonna go lie and say I chose 'no' right away, but it's true: no. Of course, it would be nice to see how living a life without the fears and games would be like, but being gay has given me time to think, and I think that the introspection I have developed through this experience we call life, and the extra hardships associated with being gay, have made of me someone quite more thoughtful, respectful, and empathetic. This is my life, and bad or good as it is, it's kind of all I have (and it's all we have), so why try and change what has been earned with so much effort? No way.

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Never ever. I've never even

Never ever. I've never even thought about wanting it. Just... no. That's like asking me to cut off an arm, or start thinking in the stupid ways that other people think, or hang out with popular people, or wear girl's clothes... just, no. It goes against everything that is me.

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