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I haven't been very active on here lately.Mainly because I have been really busy with college,work, and juggling all the other million things I usually have to do these days.I grossly underestimated the amount of study I would have to do for my college course this year.However I think I am getting back on-top of things again(ignoring the exam I failed this morning).I'm not really sure what I want to write about right now.I have like a million things buzzing through my head,so I'd like to just get some of them wrote down.
I finally got to go to a gaybar a couple of weeks ago,which I really enjoyed.I went with my friend,her sister and some of her friends who are gay.It was great to not feel like the odd one out for once,and basically just hanging out with people who also love girls =] It was kind of an eye-opener to me of what I am missing out on,and how much happier I could be if I stopped trying to please everyone and just do what want.
I think this is now leading this journal towards my old familiar topic of I need to get out of the closet.I almost told my sister the other night,but stopped because I was just chatting to her on the phone and she was kind of in a hurry.We were talking about one of my guy friends who asked me out a couple of times.She thinks I am just being shy about it.I'll tell her soon though.

On a completely different topic I am completely sick of music lately.Like it is something I love playing and learning new stuff on guitar.But right now I can't seem to find a band or even a song that I love listening to or that makes me excited.I want to hear something fresh.I think I just don't know what I want right now.


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Oh I know what you mean

Oh I know what you mean about music fatigue. I love music but I get phases where I just don't want to listen to anything at all; it all just annoys me.
The last new act I found interesting was Florence and the Machine. Now I'm just listening to lots of Patsy Cline and my old Smiths albums. And things from Carmen.

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Oh thumbs up on being a

Oh thumbs up on being a Smiths fan!

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