4 days in which to do nothing

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So. My four day weekend will consist of: staying around doing nothing, doing my homework, going to my sister's soccer game, and going to San Francisco with my mom. We had Friday off and will have monday off as well. I don't really know why, but I appreciate the alone time. I'm actually very antisocial. My friend Liana called me a lot and asked me if we could hang out and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something.... I said no (many times, to the endless repetition of "pweeeeeeez, I wuv you...."). I went to visit my mom's 1st grade class, and helped them with their math. since most of them don't speak any Engilsh, I had a chance to practice my Spanish. They were all really cute (a compliment I don't give lightly. At all.) and enjoyed meeting me. Then my dad picked me up and we went rock climbing. I had so much fun, but by the end, my palms were so sweaty that I couldn't hang on to the handholds. I'd forgotten how much I missed climbing. Actually, I used to hate it, and haven't been rock climbing for years, but I went tree climbing (actually more like rope climbing) and had a blast. Since you can't really tree climb in bay-area suburbia, rock climbing was the next best option. Oh, and I just looked at my report card because my english teacher made me do for a writing assignment (this is the teacher who says that if it were up to her, there would be no grades). I got mostly A's, 2 B+'s, and a B. My English teacher wrote 2 comments: 1) Participates Positively and 2) Performing Below Ability. She gave me an A.....

Ahh, whatever. I don't care about grades whatsoever. I just care about learning.


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Same as

i have absolutly nothing to do, my family never does anything, i have one major friend whos a real flake and a boring cousin. i never do ANYTHING on the weekends besides try and finnish my three different novles im working on or read. its so boring but what sucks even worse is as much as i hate boring weekends i hate school to, its a loose loose situation im my crappy town. did i mention i hate where i live as well as my house?
if u think of anything to do message me, ill do the same as.
my ownly plans are getting thru turkey day with 23 people in our tiny house and trying to persua my parents to have a garge sale so i can blow the money on a camera and CDs, that and go to Frsico.
Ellen Wittlinger (author of an amazing book called Hard Love) quoted a poem called Dream song 14 where he says "Lifes only boring if you have no inner reasources" but what does that mean anyway?

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Weekends for me usually

Weekends for me usually consist of playing my guitar, reading magazines and memoirs, and trying to do my homework at 11:00 on Sunday.Thanksgiving is always....interesting.....at our house. My family is ~well, they're just fucked up~. Most of them are middle-aged obese latin american potheads with nothing better to do than hang out in our kitchen eating chips and salsa and drinking beer. I think that quote means that you have to like and entertain yourself sometimes, because you can't always really on other people. But maybe I'm wrong. I am frequently. SF is AWESOME. Even though I only lived there for about a year (when I was 2), I love going there all the time. Good luck surviving the boringness.