AAAAAARGH!! I have to catch up! (And I got to see RENT live! *dances around*)

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It's been so long since I've been on here! Gah! I have to catch up on all the gayness I missed! >.<

I seem to have recently acquired *gasps* A LIFE!!! And it's really, really weird. On Mondays and Wednesdays after school I have karate. On Thursdays after school I have meetings for my school's e-zine that just got started up. (Yay, a lit mag! I can actually write and have my stuff published online! W00t! I actually got in! YAY! :D) And on Saturdays, my day is entirely filled up with theatre stuff. I spend the day being a teacher assistant for a class and rehearsing for this play I'm in. It's called Wind of A Thousand Tales. It's a really obscure play that you've probably never even heard of before, but it's still awesome. And there are Peter Pan auditions in a few months, and I'm going to go to them. I want to play Peter Pan himself. That would be so awesome! My first ever lead! *is starry eyed* I've been in small plays practically every year ever since I was seven years old, but I've never gotten a lead before. God, I want that part.

And I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month. See, apparently November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short), and there's this whole national event where you have to write 50000 words during November. (That's over 100 pages.) I suck. I only have a little over 10000 words so far. Heh heh. *sweatdrop* If you wanna know more, you can check out the NaNoWriMo website.

And guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? I GOT TO SEE RENT LIVE!! NEENER NEENER NEENER! :P You're all sooooo jealous, aren't you? :P:P:P:P:P:P:P The cast certainly wasn't as good as the original Broadway cast, but STILL! The girl who played Mimi was really good. I reeeeally didn't like the guy who played Collins, though. He was so out of it! When he was singing the reprise of I'll Cover You after Angel died, he didn't sound sad at all! He was just up there on the stage and singing. BOOOOOOOORING! Come on, man! Your lover just died! Show us some emotion here! And during the part in the song Rent where he had just gotten mugged, he didn't sound hurt at all. He was just up there and singing. It was so hard to think of this guy as Collins. He didn't really get into the character. Plus, he had long hair, these long dreads. I know that he should be able to interpret the character his own way and everything, but I've got the original guy who played Collins stuck in my head, and it's hard to imagine anyone with long hair playing the part.

The girl who played Maureen was really cute. At least, I thought so, but only because I absolutely love androgynous girls. :D She had short, brown hair and had these intentionally torn-up, patched-up clothes. While I can definitely see Maureen dressing like that, and she did play her part really well, she didn't really look the part. See, Maureen's supposed to be this really hot chick that guys and girls alike are supposed to be climbing all over each other in order to ask out, and she really wasn't that sexy. She was just cute to people like me who love androgynous chicks.

But when the guy who was Roger sang the song One Song Glory, it was PERFECT. And the guy who played Mark was awesome. Mark is just an awesome character, period. :D All of the people in the play could have used some improvement at some point, but overall it was a great experience. WHEEEEE! :D

And I saw my school musical, too. It's called Into the Woods. They only did the first act of the play, because, according to our music teacher (who directed the whole thing), "the second act was too racy." And it was cool. It's so weird seeing your classmates in a play! There were some people in the musical who I didn't even know could sing or act! This one girl who I don't know very well, except for the fact that she's kind of a chatterbox, has an absolutely beautiful singing voice! And there were a few people from my choir who were in it, too. I wanted to audition for the play, but my mom has had some trouble with transportating my siblings and I back and forth from extracurricular activities lately (who can blame her when she has six kids?) and I thought that even if I did get in, it would just be a hassle for my parents, since I'd have to stay after school four days out of the week for rehearsals. So I didn't even bother. Yeah, I suck. I really should have tried. There was this one guy in the play who was Cinderella's Prince, and he was totally out of it. He didn't get into his part at all, like the Collins guy mentioned above. I could've totally been a better prince than that. :P

Aaaaaand...I should probably get to bed now. Bye-bye, Oasisans! Welcome me back with lots of lovely comments! ^_^


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wow wow wow wow u suck

so you like writing that rocks (im really running out of words here,rocks and awsum are so,bleh feel free to throw out ideas)Oh jerkin-there u go-thats jerkin! i tryed to write a zine and gave up, to hard and besides the only thing i really no about them is what i have read for Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger (simply amazing book) so its not like i have actually seen one. i really want to be an author, so im working on like 3 different books.

whats androgynous?never heard of that before. but ya Mimi and Maureen are my two favs, sides Mimi also played in Josie and the Pussycats tho let me say shes much better in Rent. i LOVE Mimis singing, my favorite song from here is Lets go ouuuut tonight. and Maureen is just...not pretty but not glourious somthing inbettween. Still i love her, tho shes really bizare with her "Jump over the moon" part. Your so lucky you got to go, tho its to bad about Collins.

good luck with the plays

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I've seen Rent so many times live, so I usually like to see different takes on things.

Hmm, was this on Broadway? Just wondering if you got a chance to see a guy I know play Angel (Telly). Otherwise, he probably was just in the group that night. He didn't post that he was going on as Angel recently, but he only posts when he knows in advance, which isn't usually the case.


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