Anyone else worried about Prom?

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I'm really worried about prom, despite how I'm only in grade 11.

The thing is, theres basically NO out gay guys in my school. (Well theres 1, but he's both taken, and he isn't my type AT ALL)

I'm just worried that come prom I'll be watching all of my friends enjoying themselves with there dates, and that I'll just be off on the side line lonely. I haven't even dated a guy before >_>

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Nothing really "gay" about this. Every person not in a relationship fears not having someone with whom they can go to prom when the time comes. Sure, your odds suck more, but beyond that, pretty much a normal feeling regardless of sexual orientation.


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I never understood the whole

I never understood the whole prom thing.
I didn't go to my junior or senior prom, and I actually had someone that I could have taken to the senior prom, I just didn't understand what all the fuss was about.
I actually got a lot of shit from my friends for not going, some of them thought that I wasn't going *because* of the whole gay thing, but that didn't have anything to do with my decision not to attend, and you shouldn't let it affect the kind of time that you have or whether or not you go.

And, if it's any consolation a lot of people go to prom in groups--if you're really set on it, go with a group of friends and just have fun, don't make it into some weird romantic experience. Trust me, not everyone is going to have a date, if you do go, there should be people there you can socialize with.

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I'm a romantic.

I love the whole high school dating thing (even if I have to watch from the side lines...), and I've always been really excited for prom, maybe it's just because prom is so hyped?

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I feel for you. I whent to a prom with a guy last year but not that I think that I know myself better this year Im agonizing how few girls there are to choose from.

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Find a lesbian. Go with her.

Find a lesbian. Go with her. You'll have a ton more fun than you'd have if you were trying to impress a date the whole time. That's what I did for my homecoming, and it was a ton of fun. =)

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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We have a drought

Of gays in general in this city, thus the reason why I'm worried about prom, ha ha.

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I'm not really worrying, I was just planning on going with a group of people. But, I think I accidently agreed to go to prom with this guy who's kinda my friend but not really. Well, one day we went to go eat, and we started talking about prom, and he was like, if you don't have a date, by then we'll just go together, so I said yes, but now hwen I talk to him, he brings it up a lot like we're going as each others first choices, so I feel kinda bad about that.

Anyways, I think besides going to my schools prom, I might also go to LGBT prom, its cheaper too. And I can wear my dress twice, so it won't seem like such a humongous waste of money spent for just one night. :D


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(LBGT Prom) I know there wouldn't be a LBGT prom in my hick city, but maybe in Kelowna.

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Hah, yeah, we totally didn't

Hah, yeah, we totally didn't have anything like that where I'm from either, the closest one was in San Francisco which is...oh, 230 miles from where I went to high school?

Granted now that I'm in an area with glbt activities and whatnot...I hide out in my dorm studying, I guess being surrounded by it has allowed the novelty to wear off.

We did have an NJROTC ball though....

Good luck with finding a different event if you decide to go that route.

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Ooh, lucky.

I wish I was surrounded! Grrr, I hate this small city sometimes.

What's a NJROTC ball?

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Hmm, I don't know. I'm not exactly worried... I think I'll just go with mates and have loads of fun. But if I'm dating someone and can bring them too that would be a bonus =)