Argh he pisses me off!

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I'm sooo angry, upset and hurt!!!!! So i babysat all day.... i had to wake up really early so i could shower and be outta the housse by like 7:10. So my dad's gf picked me up and drove me to my dad's house and dropped me and the kids off there. My dad had said like 2 days before that he wanted me to make lasagna and such... I don't really like lasagna so i wasn't to happy about that but then he kept going on abot making dessert too... and there was no way i was going to do that.
But when he got home he jsut complained about how i made ti and that i didn't do it "his way" even though it turned out just as good if not better. He yelled at me like 4 times.
Worst of all he never said thankyou or that it was good or anything like that.
Last sunday he skipped my band concert... i had my mom tape some of it and so i brought over my laptop to show him the video.. and im showing him and he's not even paying attention!!! I was soo pissed off... so i just stopped showing him. I'm like screw this.
I came home and cried... cuz it made me feel better. But my mom was all sad cuz someone at her work died and today was the funeral and the lady's daughter who's two was just running around having a fun little time because of course she didn't realize that she wouldn't be seeing mommy again.
It's really sad thinking this little girl will grow up not knowing or remembering her mother.
For any of you who grew up without a mother or father i feel kinda sorry for you. I know you may not know any different so it may not seem so bad but to me living without my mom would be one of the worst things. And as much as i hate my dad most days i can't imagine lving without him either.
I dont' know how she died.. there was an autoposy (cuz it was sudden and she was 34ish) but the findings have not been revealed.
I cried soo much when my mom told me abuot the little girl and how it made everyone cry thinking about her growing up without her mother. And how her and her friends all started thinking about their moms and their daughters and kids etc.