art and chevelle

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Does anyone on here like Chevelle? I saw them on the 26th. So, a little over a week ago. I've seen them before, in 2004. I got to chat it up with them and everything. Same with this time.

A great band, Fair to Midland, played before them and these two girls went absolutely apeshit for them. It was like two bible beating kids at worship. Fucking crazy. They'd scream, offer themselves to the Gods, and then bash around like monkeys. The crowd was quiet at this time, and no one really had the tolerance for these two. But oh God the crowd was terrible once Chevelle started. They got what was coming to them. Later, one of the girls would fall asleep on me, and playfully hit me and ruffle my hair when Pete directly handed me a pick. Bizarre.

Anyway. For Art AP, we have to do a second semester concentration, which is the part of the portfolio which is entirely our own idea[s]. There just has to be an overall theme. Specific theme. I want my pictures to be close-ups. Faces, parts of bodies, instruments, whatever. And lyrics to match. I'm excited to start researching which lyrics will inspire me.

I've already got it set that "I need you so much closer" or something from the song "Transatlantcism" by Death Cab will be included with a closeup on someone's neck/face/shoulder and they're wearing some kind of petty coat, or whatever you call them.