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Where did I go you ask? Nowhere! I have been here the entire time, just not about Oasismag...So this is the first time I've been online in weeks...I type slow now... =[ How odd.

Hmm...So what did you miss? Not a whole lot actually...

I kinda went into mourning and didn't surface for a few weeks. Some days are tough, but I'm doing so so much better...

School is kicking my ass. But then again, if I wasn't working until 7 every night, maybe I wouldn't be so tired...Almost Turkey Break!!! That means no school for a few days and that means NO WORK! I love my job, but geez...EXHAUSTION...

I went on a random adventure today...With the time change, it's dark at like 4pm so I spent a few hours wandering around in the dark all over the towne center (strip mall) with my friends. Mmm...Starbucks...I love my gayboi Jamezie when he buys me drinks...So basically, it was 4 lesbians and a gay guy taking up the floor around the G&L section at Barnes and Nobles...And we were blocking the way so we had to move for somebody to get a book...She was like 40...It's nice to know that lesbians live to be middle-aged lol.

Anyways...Today was good and I am rather happy...



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It's nice to know that

It's nice to know that lesbians live to be middle-aged lol.

haha haha hilarious. i lub B&N


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"The best way to do is to be." --Lao Tzu
"To do is to be." --Freidrick Neitzche
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