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So, it turns out we couldn't last a month of being single lol.

Looking back at my posts I've gone against everything I said I would adhere to - a level head, reason and logic.

However, when me and Alex tried to stay single we were just using the words and acting like we were in a long distance relationship regardless, and it seemed pointless to continue the charade. So I phoned him and we made it official - boyfriends! That word sounds kind of juvenile to me, but I don't care quite frankly.

4 days and counting - my second longest relationship yet lol.

It is annoying not being able to touch each other, though a blessing in some ways for me. Nevertheless, it's nothing a webcam and a good combination of adjectives and verbs can't solve ;) It's more that this guy who I couldn't, and can't, stop thinking about is now mine and he reciprocates those emotions that makes me happy. We hope to meet up again in London either mid-December just before Xmas or early to mid January. One or the other.

No matter what happens, I love him :-)


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I hope.........

I hope everything goes great with you and Alex. Congradulations on the second-longest relationship!
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