Breasts not Bombs

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Just out of curiousity...Did anybody else notice the flashing boobs??? It's a rather amazing improvement over the half naked male models...But thats just me...and I like girls... ;)


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why yes, i do believe i did notice the rapidly flashing titties

... too bad it's an airbrushed/graphically-designed picture of highly-unnatural implants, spilling in all directions out of a three-sizes-too-small bikini. GROSS...

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I did notice and I smiled

I did notice and I smiled wryly- Jeff's got sick of the griping I suppose.
Although actually the old advert didn't annoy me as much as it seemed to annoy everyone else. It was the rapid flashing rather than the subject that got on my nerves, but I always think that being slightly annoyed is a fair price to pay for having a place to write my spew.

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I definitaly didn't like the

I definitaly didn't like the half naked/ more then half naked guys but this one kinda annoys me but it is a little better.. i suppose.
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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a testament to how out of it

a testament to how out of it i am:

didn't even notice. wow. i'm a bad lesbian....


These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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Ohhohoh we're never

Ohhohoh we're never satisfied. :D Deftly an improvement from the moobs, but the flashing is dreadful. And now I can't pay attention to any of you people's lovely writing.

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I was shocked and delighted

I was shocked and delighted at Jeff's having included it.... but now I feel as if I have to hide the page when someone I know walks past....

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I totally think it's better

I totally think it's better than the moobs, even if it is still flashing. And besides, it means someone was listening to our complaints. Thanks, Jeff! :]

I have to say, it amuses me that it's still pretty much the same shot--moobs vs. boobs, but no head or much of a torso involved in either.