can anyone identify?

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I came out to a friend, well she asked me if i was gay so i didnt lie n told her yes. Then we were talking about our types and such, and she tells me that if i was a guy she wud so go for me, but that its a shame cuz shes totally straight.

Then today, shes kind of flirting with me all of a sudden. Like, she has a gay friend that she wanted me to meet, and that i shud message her on FB to say hi. So i told her i messaged her friend on facebook, and that her friend thought i look cool. Then shes like "oh no she didnt. We've gota have words. U were my friend first. I bet she likes you, damn i gota be gay".

Then she later she asked me if me and her are flirting, and was like "ok good your not! yay" type of stuff.

Is she just messing around, or does it sound like shes interested in me?

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Believe me, honey, we've all

Believe me, honey, we've all been there. I'm going through the same thing (except I haven't come out to this friend). I guess you should just tell her that your signals are getting crossed and ask her if she is interested in you. If she says no, then you just say, "Good. It would be wierd since you're my friend and all." If she says yes, you can slather her with your affections

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Well, according to

Well, according to experiences, when i come out to certain people, they flirt with me-they really do. but i dont take them seriously because i dont see their sincerity and it's like they're just fooling around; like they're trying to get to feel 'what if feels like' to flirt with the same sex or something to that effect. but i shrug them off, and im cool with it. i flirt with them but nothing serious. there are certain people who get curious about 'homosexuality' and they kindda try those stuff with me, but when i sense that they're kind 'stepping on my dignity' i tell them to back off, and that im not at all interested in least this is what i've experienced.

I don't like people asking me things that I answer with "I don't know", because it's is hard to admit that there are a LOT of things I really do not know of.

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I noticed that a lot of

I noticed that a lot of times, when you come out to your friend they decided that its ok to flirt with you. They want you to like them.


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I fell in love with this boy

I fell in love with this boy I met at a party who I could've sworn was gay (he flirted with me constantly) and as soon as I asked him out he stopped returning my calls. So, go figure, I've decided not to venture down that path anymore. Sometimes it's just wishful thinking. Most of the time I suppose.

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I tihnk people do that to

I tihnk people do that to cover up the fact that they're uncomfortable with your sexuality. But don't worry, it's not a bad reaction. They probably don't realize what they're doing. Ridei t out, have a little fun... it'll pass and you'll both be closer for it.

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I noticed..

I noticed that sometimes people do that unconciously when they realize they have a new 'power' over you (in a way) where they can take something to a different level if they want- so they start exercising that 'power' without realizing it.

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Oh yes I have been there.

Oh yes I have been there. She would always say, oh if I was gay it would be so much easier. "But I'm straight." Well, I sure crushed on her for a while, and eventually I found out that she likes me. We've been together for 4 months now.

=]] And seriously, I thought she didn't like me. Though she did flirt with me a bit, and cuddle. And hug a lot. I still thought it was never going to happen, that it was just in her nature. No. She liked me.

So... it's definetely a possibility.

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You and C are definitely one

You and C are definitely one of the cutest stories on Oasis =) gives hope to flirty straight girl crushes everywhere ^^

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