Dear Annoying Creep:

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Liana sent me this on Facebook. Our friend wrote it to keep some weird creepy guy she hates away.... I found it amusing.

He wrote this for me to give to the annoying creep daniel.
Between You and Liana

Your eyes are like twin jellyfish

Translucent, slimy, green,

With striking iridescence,

That is, isotopic sheen

Your hair is slick, as if a band

Of slugs had coiffed your ‘do

Perhaps you think that these advances

Might pay off for you;

I must admit a secret though

Of content quite intriguing -

(affecting, by the way, your search

for all that you are seeking)

I find you quite amusing, and

I’m sure you love me too

But sadly I am Lesbian

Though I’ll pretend for you


lol XD




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love that!

your friend has on odd way of writing, its entertaining and new. thats jerkin' (seen Josie and the Pussycats?XD)