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So, since my last posting, about being bitten by the lurve bug, there's been a little development in the drama.

So this guy messaged me on MSN and said he needed to speak to me about something but I was away from the computer. So I spoke to him the next day and he said he's going to break up with his boyfriend. I was thinking to myself, "is that it?" However, he then went on to say that he hopes I don't think he's a freak, but he's been thinking of me every single day since we met in London! Which is exactly how I've been feeling! And he thinks I'm amazing and we had this connection that he didn't feel with his boyfriend. He explained he only got with him because he was there, and thought I wasn't interested! So I explained how I had been feeling and he was like, "ohhhh my god" lol.

So then we kind of talked about what we were going to do because we had agreed not to do the long distance thing. But then I thought about it a bit more and I figured, well, it's not like he lives in Australia. And he is going to be moving down to London next September when he goes to uni so it's not a permanent thing. So, in the end we decided we'd stay single or in some weird open relationship thing for a month, and then meet up in London again just before or after Christmas, and then if we feel the same way, we'd go for it. Sounds sensible. Trying to keep a level head about the whole thing though, whirlwind relationships don't have the best reputation! I figured though if I don't take a chance then the end result is not being with him, so might as well just go for it. I feel sometimes you just have to take a leap into unknown territory if you're ever going to find out if something is going to work. Relationships aren't a mathematical equation and it could all end up going well, so maybe it's worth it.

I'm all loved up :-)


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Sounds nice. It's not unusual for people to have sort of an understanding, like, if we're ever both in the same city and single, we'd have to give it a go. You know, some balance between being off the market and available.

But you know, next September... at your present success rate, you might not find anyone else before then anyway, no? hehehe.


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Shut up jeff :P <3 "If we

Shut up jeff :P


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